sUAS Services

Topograhic LiDAR

Using aerial LiDAR for topographic surveys, captures ground surfaces, along with objects above the ground, to provide highly accurate elevation models from bare earth to heavily wooded sites.  These ground elevation models generate multiple 3D model deliverables, one of the most popular being topographic contours.

Alliance’s sUAS team utilizes the most advanced aerial LiDAR systems available.  This advantage, not only allows Alliance to capture accurate data in the field, but it also accelerates the post-processing time.  This means faster deliverables to our Clients. 

Aerial LiDAR has several advantages over the traditional field-run topographic surveys.  First, it removes any potential safety issues of crews in the field, traversing across various types of terrain and ground cover.   Second, the data collection time is much quicker.  For example, for a 50-acre wooded site, a 2-person field crew would take approximately 12-13 days for data collection, depending upon the severity of the terrain.  Comparatively, a single person flight crew using our aerial LiDAR system would only take approximately 44 minutes of flight time. 


Our state-of-the-art photogrammetry equipment produces 2D and 3D deliverables, where precise measuring of coordinates, distances, areas, heights and volumes can be determined. 

Structural Inspections

Alliance’s sUAS division has the capability, resources and experience to accurately inspect your assets, including specialty services such as building façades.  We can assist with determining if LiDAR, photogrammetry, individual images or video would be best suited for the deliverable you are looking for.

Power Lines / Cell Towers

Utilizing sUAS for power line and cell tower inspections are regarded as one of the safest ways to capture assets such as these, due to their ability to access difficult locations and still operate safely within very close proximity of the asset. 

Construction Process

The building industry has become extremely competitive and having easy access to accurate, up to date information is more critical than ever.  Aerial images and video are proven and cost-effective tools which provide a detailed recording of the ongoing changes for the lifecycle of construction.  The sUAS team also has the ability to provide stockpile calculations, allowing projects to effectively manage these type resources.